Ambition & Destiny Part 1: Hooks & Eyes

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Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction  

Hooks & EyesTo start again, Mary must leave the past behind…
When young widow Mary Jackson moves to the town of Birmingham, she hopes to put her troubled past behind her. With two children to care for, she takes a job making Hooks & Eyes for the ambitious Mr Wetherby.

Mr Wetherby isn’t looking for love, but it isn’t long before he wants Mary as more than a worker. Expecting no resistance, he attempts to force his way into her life. But Mary’s instinct is to run. Stung by her rejection, Mr Wetherby tracks her down, prepared to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

Feeling no affection for Mr Wetherby, Mary finds herself with a choice. Will her decision give the family the future she hopes for? Or will she destroy the very thing she’s determined to protect?

Hooks & Eyes is the first instalment of The Ambition & Destiny Series. A captivating story of love, loss and betrayal.

Awarded a GOLD Quality Mark

“The story […] is well constructed with strong characters and an interesting storyline and is deserving of a gold standard.”
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5 stars: This promises to be a fantastic family saga series.

5 stars: Really great read…highly recommended. I look forward to more! 

5 stars: First instalment of a gripping family saga leaves you wanting more!

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