A New Historical Fiction Series…

The Ambition & Destiny Series:

Mary must make a choice: Will her decision give the family the future she hopes for or will she destroy the very thing she’s determined to protect …

Set in and around Birmingham and Handsworth
The Ambition & Destiny Series 
is a compelling family saga of Love, Loss and Betrayal
set against the backdrop of Victorian England

Condemned by Fate

Falling in love shouldn’t be a crime

Condemned by Fate

A Short Story

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Part 1: Hooks & Eyes

To start again, Mary must leave the past behind…

Hooks & Eyes
Part 1

Hooks & Eyes Now Available

Part 2: Less Than Equals

When you speak, but no one listens…
Set between 1865 and 1876

Part 3:

It started as a dream. It turned into a nightmare.
Set between 1878 and 1885

Part 4:

A new start. A bad business partner. Two sons who want the truth. 
Set between 1885 and 1890

Part 5:

In the early planning phase.
Expected to cover 1890-1910


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