Ambition & Destiny Part 2: Less Than Equals

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As Harriet fights for independence, she refuses to conform to the role expected of her…

Harriet is desperate to escape the clutches of her abusive uncle. As an unmarried woman with few prospects, she has little choice but to live under his roof. When a charming man comes to work for them, Harriet thinks she’s found her way out…

But after the marriage ceremony and delivering two children, Harriet’s new family still doesn’t have a home of their own. And she can’t decipher the reason why. As tensions rise, an argument with her uncle spirals out of control causing him to lock her away in an asylum…

While corrective therapy is meant to replace her headstrong ways, Harriet has other plans for her captivity. If her idea works, she could free her family from her uncle’s control once and for all…

Less Than Equals is the second book in The Ambition & Destiny Series, a Victorian Era historical fiction family saga. If you like heroines who are ahead of their time, then you’ll love the second instalment in VL McBeath’s engaging series.

Awarded a GOLD Quality Mark

“This is an excellent book, well written and with impeccable timing. The ending is sure to make readers eager for the next book in the series.” Books Go Social


What Amazon Reviewers are saying:

“This is a wonderful book. Well written, researched and edited with wonderfully alive characterisations! A rare five stars!”

“After having read “Hooks & Eyes: Part I of the Ambition & Destiny Series”, reentering the world of the Wetherby’s felt like coming home to family…”

“This story was definitely an eye-opener. I enjoyed it very much.”

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