Ambition & Destiny Part 4: Only One Winner

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A prosperous father. A headstrong son. One woman caught in the middle.

Angry and seeking answers, William-Wetherby finds comfort and the promise of love with the family’s charming young housekeeper, Lydia. With ideas of his own, however, his father is determined to tear them apart. Enraged that Lydia can never be his, William-Wetherby abandons his home determined to forge his own future.

With his son gone, William throws himself into his work. But when his new business partner’s dark secret threatens to dismantle his thriving business, William realizes he can’t survive alone. With bankruptcy looming, father and son must find it in their hearts to forgive… before they face a once trusted confidant set on their destruction.

Only One Winner is the fourth book in The Ambition & Destiny Series, a family saga set in Victorian-era England.

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If you like generation-spanning epics, divided family dynamics, and accurate depictions of life in the 19th century, then you’ll love the fourth installment of VL McBeath’s riveting series.

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