Ambition & Destiny: Part 5

As William-Wetherby seeks a new life, revenge is the only thing on his mind…

Blackmailed into leaving his hometown, William-Wetherby sets off in search of his brother, Charles. In the five years since they’ve been together their world has changed and with no one to turn to, he needs a friend. With revenge utmost in their minds, Charles persuades his brother to take a role as a police officer…

Struggling to make ends meet, Bella lives with her mother and the two children they care for. When a striking young man calls about the room they rent out, their curiosity is piqued. What is he hiding? And why won’t he tell them anything about his past?

As his former life is gradually revealed, William-Wetherby looks forward to spending time with Bella. But with secrets of her own, he must confront his prejudices. Can Bella use her charms to claim her man…or will a final surprise from Mr Wetherby threaten their future happiness?

Publication expected July 2018

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