Dying for a Garden Party

If you like cozy murder mysteries and historical heroines with attitude, you’ll love this step back in time series. 

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Dying for a Garden Party

An invitation to a garden party. The perfect opportunity for Eliza to snoop around her childhood home…until she comes across more than she bargains for…

Dying for a Garden PartyAugust 1901: Oak House was once Eliza’s home. It was a place of memories, some good … some not so good.

Revisiting the house had never occurred to her … until the invitation to the party arrived. And then she couldn’t keep away.

Being told to stay in the garden wasn’t going to stop Eliza and Connie from finding their way indoors. But when the master of the house is found with a bullet to the head, they have questions to answer…

The victim’s family have their own ideas about the murder. But who had the most to gain from Mr Hartley’s death?

In a world where secrets and lies are the norm, someone is playing games. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t bargained on Eliza’s past.

Can she use her childhood knowledge to identify the killer before they strike again?

Dying for a Garden Party is the fourth book in a new series of murder mysteries set at the start of the 20th century.

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