Family History Inspired Blog: From Story To Book

Developing a Novel from Family History Research

The blog, From Story to Book, follows my thoughts and feelings as I undertook the amazing journey of writing a novel inspired by my family history.

When I started I didn’t think I would get very far, but now the story is complete!!

 Prior to starting my family history research, I had never considered writing a book, let alone a series of books. As I uncovered more details of an incredible past, however, I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. By 2014, I realised the book was turning out better than I imagined and so I started the blog.

From Story to Book

The posts chart my fears about writing and shares lessons I’ve learned on the art of creative writing and editing. It also shows why I chose to self-publish, something I don’t regret for one minute.

Why not take a look at my journey?

Maybe it will inspire you too!

Based on my Family History: The Ambition & Destiny Series