Ambition & Destiny Part 4: Only One Winner

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Only One Winner – A family divided… with no signs of reconciliation. Will Lydia rue the day she ever met them?

Only One Winner Part 4 of the Ambition & Destiny SeriesKeen to get away from her abusive father, Lydia happily accepts the post of housekeeper at the Jackson family home.

But when William senses romance in the air between Lydia and his son William-Wetherby, he is determined to put an end to it.

For good.

As a feud erupts between father and son, Mr Wetherby is still furious about Harriet’s betrayal.

And he’s going to make sure someone pays…

Inspired by a true story, Only One Winner continues the epic saga of one family’s trials, tragedies, and triumphs as they seek their fortune in Victorian-era England.

If you like generation-spanning epics, then you’ll love the fourth instalment of this riveting series.

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If you like generation-spanning epics, divided family dynamics, and accurate depictions of life in the 19th century, then you’ll love the fourth installment of VL McBeath’s riveting series.

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“Another captivating read about the continuing story of the Wetherby/Jackson families.

“I loved this historical story!”

“Love this series I am waiting eagerly for the next book.


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