An epic family saga set in Victorian-era England…

The Ambition & Destiny Series

Mary must make a choice: Will her decision give the family the future she hopes for or will she destroy the very thing she’s determined to protect …


Set in and around Birmingham and Handsworth The Ambition & Destiny Series  is a compelling family saga of Love, Loss and Betrayal set against the backdrop of Victorian England.



Condemned by FateShort Story Prequel: Condemned by Fate

As Charles fights to clear his name, will it be enough to give him a future with the girl he loves?

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Hooks & Eyes Part 1 of The Ambition & Destiny SeriesPart 1: Hooks & Eyes

To start again, Mary must leave the past behind…

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Less Than Equals Part 2 of The Ambition & Destiny SeriesPart 2: Less Than Equals

A woman’s place is in the home, that’s what she’s always been told … but Harriet has other ideas…

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When Time Runs Out Part 3 of The Ambition & Destiny SeriesPart 3: When Time Runs Out

Tensions in the family are rising but Harriet refuses to back down…

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Only One Winner Part 4 of The Ambition & Destiny SeriesPart 4: Only One Winner

A family divided, with no signs of reconciliation. Will Lydia rue the day she ever met them?

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Different World Part 5 of The Ambition & Destiny SeriesPart 5: Different World

After a bitter family breakdown, William-Wetherby moves to Liverpool. But being rid of Mr Wetherby isn’t as simple as it seems… Available here


A Standalone Novel: The Young WidowThe Young Widow

She has the money to live like a lady … but there are plenty who want to take it from her. When an enigmatic stranger steals her heart, can she know he wants her for the right reasons?

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