An Ambition & Destiny Novel: The Young Widow

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The Young Widow – She has the money to live like a lady … but there are plenty who want to take it from her. When an enigmatic stranger steals her heart, can she know he wants her for the right reasons?

The Young Widow An Ambition & Destiny Standalone NovelLondon 1808: Widowed at the age of twenty, Ann has no optimism for the future. At the beck and call of her domineering mother, she longs to make a new life for herself with the legacy left by her late husband. But it’s not that easy. Not when it means leaving her sisters behind.

Her world is turned upside down when a curious gentleman stops to speak to her. Chas is new to the area, but he seems to know a lot about her … and he certainly looks well-to-do. Could he be her saviour?

With newfound hope, Ann dares to dream again, but Chas has a secret. Something he refuses to share.

As their friendship grows, there are those who want to keep them apart … but when Ann stumbles upon Chas’s past, she realises that only she can decide what their future holds.

Inspired by the compelling family history of author V L McBeath, The Young Widow is a standalone story in The Ambition & Destiny Series.

Set in Georgian-era London, forty years before the start of this historical family saga, The Young Widow adds another dimension to this epic series.


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What Amazon Reviewers are saying:

If you enjoy historical family sagas with a touch of romance you are sure to enjoy this one.”

It is really well written, the characters are strong, and determined to share their story.”

“I have not read the rest of the series bit(sic) I certainly will. I enjoyed this book very much.”

“Fantastic series.”


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