Val McBeath

VL McBeath was born in Liverpool, in the UK, and has spent most of her life working in the pharmaceutical industry. It was only her interest in family history that caused her to change track and become an author.

Since her tentative beginnings in 2010, she has written two series, both with historical backdrops, and a third is on the way.

The Ambition & Destiny Series
An epic family saga based in Victoria-era England.

Val had heard that her ancestors had once been very wealthy, something she found hard to believe when she was growing up. As time passed, she determined to discover if the rumours were true and if they were, what happened to the money.

She set out with idle curiosity, but as she delved into the archives, Val uncovered a story of ambition, power and deceit that compelled her to turn it into a novel.

The Ambition & Destiny Series became a five-book saga and is the story of one family’s trials, tribulations and triumphs as they seek their fortune in Victorian-era, England.

Eliza Thomson Investigates
A fictional series set in the UK at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Eliza Thomson is used to getting her own way. As the only daughter of a wealthy industrialist and wife of the village doctor, she likes to be involved in everything. And when that ‘everything’ involves murder, she’s determined to help the police with their investigations. Whether they want her to … or not.

New for 2021:
Based on the life of one of Val’s great, great grandmothers, her next series has a nautical theme.

Widowed at an early age, and with two young children, conventional wisdom suggests that Nell should have remarried and made do with her lot. But a year after her husband’s death, records show that she took a position as a stewardess on a transatlantic liner.

With publication planned for 2021, this currently unnamed historical saga is a fictionalised version of Nell’s story.

Val has two grown-up daughters and lives in Cheshire, in the north-west of England, with her husband and cat.


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  1. Just watched “The Last Duel”. Pretty fun. Set a bit earlier, but I did wonder if a pregnant woman could keep an estate w all males dead (there are a few strange laws brought up in that film. though I’m sure we have record of them.)

    Clicked past your page just after. Very enjoyable.

    =) -JC

    • Hi JC

      I’m sorry for the delay getting back to you. I somehow missed your comment.

      With regards to pregnant women keeping an estate, I don’t have a definite answer, but would assume that if she was a widow, then probably yes. I wouldn’t think the pregnancy would change the outcome. If she wasn’t married, it may make a difference, although who they would give the money to as an alternative, I don’t know.

      Best wishes

  2. Hi
    It’s good to hear from you, what a sad tale for your great-grandma. Something like that is hard nowadays, it must have been awful in 1888.
    Good luck with your research.

  3. I read your section on Victorian bankruptcy and it is clear and helpful. I have been researching family history to find out about my grandma’s biological father. My great-grandma was raped in 1888, but told my father enough details about the man that we can identify him online. He was from Warwickshire and my grandma was born in Birmingham.
    Thank you for the explanation of how the law worked.

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