The Windsor Street Family Saga

Based on a true story, The Windsor Street Family Saga is a story of love, loss and hope set in Victorian-era Liverpool and beyond.


Part 1: The Sailor’s Promise

An Introductory Novella

The Sailor's Promise Book Cover. An Introductory Novella to The Windsor Street Family SagaLiverpool. January 1871
One Man. One Woman. One Choice?

Life hasn’t been easy for Nell. Orphaned as a child, her elder sister Maria is a substitute for the mother she barely remembers. All she wants now is a husband and family of her own.

Second mate Jack Riley loves his life at sea and dreams of one day captaining his own ship. Settling down to life in the back streets of Liverpool holds no appeal.

Until he bumps into his old flame, Nell.

She wants security and a husband who’ll come home each night. But the call of the sea is strong. Can Jack abandon his plans and give her the life she craves?

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Part 2: The Wife’s Dilemma

The Wife's Dilemma Book Cover. Part 2 in The Windsor Street Family Saga series.

Liverpool. January 1881
Jack’s due back … and Nell is waiting. She’s dreamt of this moment for a long time.

Nine years after their plan was hatched, Master Mariner Jack Riley is ready to take control of his own ship. And Nell is preparing to travel with him.

Counting down the days until he gets home, she longs to see America … and nobody is going to stop her. Not her two young daughters … and especially not her sister, Maria.

But when tragedy strikes, her world is thrown into turmoil.

As she comes to terms with her new future, she’s given the chance to pursue her dreams.

Should she follow her heart … or submit to the norms expected of her in Victorian-era, England?

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Part 3: The Stewardess’s Journey

The Stewardess's Journey: Part 3 of The Windsor Street Family Saga series cover

Liverpool 1882
In a man’s world, can a woman survive?

Nell’s dream of travelling on a transatlantic steamship is about to come true. Although not in the way she expected.

Life is hard, and with only three women working amongst a crew of eighty, there are challenges Nell had not foreseen.

While she struggles to cope with the constant attention of her colleagues, not to mention their criticisms, there are some who will do whatever they can to support her.

Will their efforts be enough to settle her into life on board? Or will her first trip be her last?

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Part 4: The Captain’s Order

October 1882
Working on a ship is tough … but it’s about to become a whole lot worse…

How can a smile be so misunderstood?

For Nell, it’s a sign of friendship. To her male colleagues, it’s so much more…

With two men intent on securing her affections, and little chance of escape, life for Nell is challenging. Until she finds an unexpected guardian.

Her saviour is charming and chivalrous, but when he unwittingly causes more problems than he solves, she finally snaps.

Determined to be left alone, she sees an opportunity to be rid of her most troublesome admirer. But not everything goes to plan.

When an emergency threatens both passengers and crew, the captain announces a new way of working, and Nell has no choice but to obey his orders…

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Part 5: The Companion’s Secret

The Companion's Secret cover

November 1882
Nell’s new job sees her welcomed into a more prestigious social circle. But she comes to realise that not all friendships are what they seem…

Scarred by the events of her last voyage, Nell is ready for a change, and being offered a role as lady’s companion is too good an opportunity to miss.

It should be no more than taking walks and afternoon tea, but Miss Ellis’s life isn’t her own.

Surrounded by people wanting to control her every move, she longs to make her own choices, but when an old adversary arrives on her doorstep, her dreams are shattered.

Not prepared to give up hope, Nell is determined to help, but when she gets more involved than she expects, the outcome has far-reaching consequences…

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